World Health Organization states cesarean rates continue to rise

Cesarean Deliveries now accounting for 1 in 5 childbirths

In the United States alone the C-Section rate continues to be 32%

The #1 cause for cesarean birth is MALPOSITION

Marya Eddaifi has taught her methods worldwide. She has presented Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers at prestigious international conferences. No one else can understand the frustration of a "failed induction", or "failure to progress" better than Marya can.

Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers was created for birth professionals - BY - a birth professional. She has over a decade of experience at the bedside honing her bodywork and maneuvers skills.

Marya was taught by some of the best in the birth and the bodywork world. Marya's passion for birth has no boundaries, she does and tries it all so she can teach other birth professionals how to improve birth outcomes across the world.

She has brought Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers to you in the most convenient way, ONLINE & SELF-PACED!!

This course offers 9.25 nursing CEU's and 8 CEU's by the International Childbirth Education Association.

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Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers (DLM) offers a unique approach to solving many complications that arise and prevent physiologic birth.

DLM will expand your knowledge to find natural and gentle solutions to long painful prodromal labors, malpositioned babies, or dystocias to decrease the need for operative deliveries or c-sections.

Pre-recorded videos let you work at your own pace with no hard-set finish rules or deadlines.

Dysfunctional Labor Maneuvers community group on Facebook offers a place where you can share your wins, ask questions, and learn from others.

Support for questions via email or in the Facebook group, follow up information, and knowledge integration.

Are you ready to take your labor skills to the next level?

Are you ready to reduce the cesarean rate?

Are you ready to help women have empowering births?



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Advanced Peanut Ball Strategies For Labor (Special Savings)

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